School Values, Mission and Vision


At our school, we believe that "everyone has the right to feel safe and to learn, and that we are all responsible for ensuring this happens".

Our Values, Vision and Mission Statements reflect this belief.



At Kingsbury Primary School, our students, parents and staff selected the following values to underpin our learning, social and working relationships.

Safety Friendship Respect Teamwork & Collaboration Learning


VISION - Kingsbury Primary School’s vision is to:

· Learn together                  

· Create a better future for our community

· Work in a clean, safe and happy environment

· Treat each other as friends

· Promote ongoing, open communication within our school community

· For each of us to achieve our personal best


· We provide an inclusive, nurturing, and encouraging environment for students and staff.

· We offer high quality education programs to students across a wide spectrum of academic abilities.

· We engage students through the development of a strong sense of belonging, teamwork, resilience and motivation.

· We equip students with the skills to adapt and manage in an ever  changing world.

· We strive to make them curious learners.


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