Parents and Friends Group

This group has the “Uniform Shop” as a major weekly activity. The group organises the supply and sale of quality school uniform pieces.

Parents may present to the Parents & Friends room on a Friday morning to select and try uniform pieces for their child. Also available are Sun-Smart hats, school bags, and reader satchels. All pieces carry the official school logo. At times, there are pieces of second hand clothing available for considerably less than brand new items. 

Another vital activity for the group is the fundraising as set by the calendar at the beginning of each year. Key events are Mothers Day, Easter Bonnet Parade, Fathers day, Footy Club day and several special lunch order days. The group may arrange chocolate drives, bulb sales, raffles and other fundraising fun activities. Twice each year this group organises the preparation of the supper buffet of party food for the “Junior Disco” events. 

The most glamorous event for Parents & Friends is the hosting of the school’s annual Grade Six Graduation Ceremony. This occurs in December each year at the Kingsbury Bowls Club. The group organises the catering, table seat sales, special guest invitations and decorations. A totally wonderful end to the year for staff, students and their families. Each season brings something new for the group and membership changes as the activities require different skills. No-one is obliged to attend every function. Please leave your name at the school office if you are interested in being a part of this fun group.

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